About Us

Manufacturing equipment since 1965...

Haith Industrial have been manufacturing equipment since 1965 helping large and small companies in the UK and abroad to improve production, produce quality, reduce labour and automate production. We manufacture a wide range of equipment used in many industries; from waste and water treatment systems to equipment for the handling of natural or reconstituted building stone, block pavers or clay bricks, including robotic stacking and packing systems which reduce your labour costs and increase production.

We are part of the Haith Tickhill Group who are widely recognised for food processing, water treatment, vegetable handling and robotic packing equipment and are the only UK company that can offer a full turnkey service.

As a forerunner in design and technology the group has won many awards for quality innovation and is constantly launching new products to put you ahead of your competitors!


Materials Handling Equipment for Natural Stone - Block handling, Slab conveying, Slab splitting, Stone pitching, Stone rumbling

Materials Handling Equipment for Reconstituted Stone - Full Systems, Block de-cubers, Slat conveyors, Slab splitters, Block turnovers, Block splitters, Slab tipplers, Block infeeders, Stone pitchers, Rumbling systems, Robotic packing and Palette feed systems.

Robotics Stacking and Packing Systems - Aggregates, Bricks, Blocks, Stone, Boxes, Trays

Water and Sludge Treatment Systems - Manufacture of full turnkey systems, evaluation and management of existing systems used in the quarrying industry or food processing.

We also manufacture a wide range of equipment - Run down screens, Paddle screens, Activated sludge, Clarifiers, Balance tanks, Mixer tanks, biological filters, sand filters, carbon filters, belt presses, plate presses, polymer dosing