Haith supply new robotic bagging plant to N & C Enterprises. Haith supply new robotic bagging plant to N & C Enterprises. Haith supply new robotic bagging plant to N & C Enterprises. Haith supply new robotic bagging plant to N & C Enterprises.

Haith supply new robotic bagging plant to N & C Enterprises.

28th May 2007

Based in Ireland, N&C Enterprises operates from a quarry at Kilmeague Naas, near Dublin and sell pre-bagged sand and aggregates in 25kg and 40kg polythene bags to builders' merchants and garden centres throughout the country. Following recent expansion within these markets the company made the decision to invest in a new pre-pack bagging plant.

After subsequent site visits and consultation Haith were successful in the manufacture, supply and commissioning of the pre-pack bagging plant including a Kawasaki robot stacking machine.
Operating with tight deadlines over a holiday period the plant, was installed within a 25 x 10 metre building and was designed to interface with an existing hopper and in-feed hopper.

The plant is fed via the existing 40 tonne side feed, rubber skirted hopper, complete with adjustable flow control gate onto a rubber belted conveyor. A Haith probe controller automatically regulates the feed into the Haith 10-50 high-throughput bagging and weighing machine. Complete with load cells and adjustable electronic control system this machine is capable of weighing up to 50 kilos in 0.5 kilo increments. A pair of cut-off doors to reduce the in-flight material and increase bag weight accuracy is fitted above the bag clamp. Additionally, a pneumatic trickle gate fitted over the head pulley reduces material flow for topping up.
Complete with an automatic control for start/stop of the bag filling and clamp/unclamp of the bags, the filled bags are then presented to the bag sealer via the in-feed device.

This device automatically presents the bags to the Haith-Saxon 10 continuous hot air heat sealer. Both the in-feeder and sealer are mounted on the same stand to allow both machines to be adjusted in tandem.

Bags are then fed onto a 4.6m long x 0.45m wide totally enclosed transport conveyor. Fitted with side skirts and a feed hopper at the bottom end the bags are presented to the Haith bag kicker. Complete with geared motor crank drive, controls and brackets to fit to the end of the above conveyor the mounting brackets are fully adjustable to fine-tune the position of the kicker blade.

Offering the bag to a Haith flattener unit it is then conveyed along a second, totally enclosed 4.7m x 0.6m wide bag transport and flattening conveyor to a powered pick off table. The bags are then sorted and stacked by a Haith-Kawasaki ZD 130-S robot; fitted with a pneumatic grab hand the powerful and heavy duty robot can stack 25 or 40kg polythene bags of up to 10 to 12 bags per minute on pallets for dispatch.

Driven from a control panel including a PLC controller for full automatic and manual control the plant also features a compound guard unit with light guards across each of the forklift trucks access openings including down each side of the pick up conveyor. Additional features include empty pallet pick up station for 10 pallets 1.2 x 1m, 2 or 4 way entry and a gate with electrical interlock to control system.

Clement Gavin - Director, commented "We at N&C Enterprises found that the Haith Group knew the importance of lack of down time and had the experience and back up service that met all our needs. This resulted in a number 1 plant being installed and meeting our customer demands throughout Ireland".

With their new robot driven bagging plant N & C are now well placed to meet the demands of the market.