Silt Busting The Easy Way! Silt Busting The Easy Way! Silt Busting The Easy Way! Silt Busting The Easy Way!

Silt Busting The Easy Way!

26th October 2010

Haith Industrial has just launched their new range of lamella settlers onto the market. Designed and developed by the Haith in-house team the new range of Haith Silt-Splitter offers six models with a flow range, or capacity ranging from 25³/hr to 150³/hr.

With many activities generating silt laden water, disposal can often lead to pollution in rivers and water courses unless the appropriate silt management measures are put into place.

Specifically designed to meet the rigours and requirements of the modern work site the Haith Silt-Splitter is fast and simple to set-up and is ideal for quarry, recycling and construction sites, restricted spaces and temporary installations. Occupying a relatively small footprint the Haith Silt-Splitter is fully automatic with a sludge density system with automatic discharge either to a skip, belt press, plate press or centrifuge, and is available either skid mounted,  or as a mobile trailer mounted unit.

Haith can also provide a skid mounted Silt-Splitter-25 test rig complete with a mounted centrifuge which is utilised for test or demonstration.

Full technical support is also provided on silt management, fine particle settling, chemical dosing and process support.

Haith Industrial have been manufacturing equipment since 1965 helping large and small companies in the UK and abroad to improve production, produce quality, reduce labour and automate production. They manufacture a wide range of equipment used in many industries; from waste and water treatment systems to equipment for the handling of natural or reconstituted building stone, block pavers or clay bricks, including robotic stacking and packing systems which reduce labour costs and increase production.