Auto Bagger

The auto bagger unit model 10-50; is a unique fill by weight bagging unit and is a key component in fast and accurate pre-pack production lines and provides maximum efficient output.

The auto bagger unit, model 10-50 is specially designed to fill a wide range of aggregates, granular or fibrous materials into open mouthed bags and other containers. Throughput is up to 500 bags per hour and is trade approved for fill by weight between 10kg and 50 kg.

The auto bagger system can be set up to run differently to suit the product, settings can be saved and reloaded when required to enable fast product change overs.

The machine features quick release pneumatic bag clamps for all types of open mouthed sacks; a 1.1kw inverter driven scaleable motor provides dribble and full feed for fast accurate weighing.

The system is controlled by a Mitsubishi type FX-1-S; internal timer and counter pre-sets are adjustable via a programmable HMI (keypad and display) unit.

The machine is compatible with all automatic sack placing, conveying and sealing systems from the Haith range.